WoT Servers for LinkIt Smart 7688

WoT.City 專為 CoAP 與 LWM2M 環境開發的 WoT Broker Servers

Getting Started

Wrint Lua Script at NodeMCU

-- Connect NodeMCU to WiFi
-- Configure the NodeMCU as a station (client)
wifi.sta.config("<SSID>", "<PASSWORD>")
-- Print IP address
ip = wifi.sta.getip()
-- Create a CoAP client
cc = coap.Client()
-- Register a LWM2M object via a simple CoAP POST request (optional)
cc:post(registry, "{}\r\n")
-- Make a mDNS update (discover home hub)
-- Make a POST request to server (discovered by mDNS)
cc:post(uri, "{\"temp\":30}\r\n")
Download NodeWoT firmware

Install  wotcity.io v0.6 (coming)  and run COAP-LWM2M broker server

$ npm install wotcity.io
$ cd node_modules/wotcity.io
$ node servers/coap-broker-lwm2m.js
WoT.City/CoAP/LWM2M broker server is listening at coap://localhost:8000
Visit wotcity.io npm

LinkIt Smart 7688 has Avahi (mDNS) service.

<?xml version="1.0" standalone='no'?><!--*-nxml-*-->
<!DOCTYPE service-group SYSTEM "avahi-service.dtd">
 <name replace-wildcards="yes">WoT Home Hub CoAP Server on %h</name>

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